Backline Equipment and Rider for ESCAPE       

DRUMS:  (located slightly off-center towards stage right)   = 4-7 Channels

      b 6 to 8-piece Drum Set - (3-5 toms, 1-2 bass drums), hi-hat set, ride cymbal, 
     two crash cymbals, cymbal stands,  4-7 mics (and stands) , china cymbals x2

KEYBOARDS/GUITAR:  (located stage left near drum riser, ron low riser if possible)  = 2-3 channels

        b 88-note weighted MIDI keyboard controller with piano sound  rpreferably Kurzweil K2600 or K2600X keyboard *
( *Important:  Please call Stu Simone ASAP if a K2600 keyboard is not available! * )

        b Heavy Duty X-style 2-tier keyboard stand (rpreferably Quik-Lok QL-642), and 2 Direct Boxes    

        b 6-string Electric Guitar (rpreferably Ibanez RG series - has whammy bar + humbucker pickups), and guitar stand

        b Line 6 Pod Pre-Amp, and Direct Box or rMarshall JCM series guitar amp

        b Dynamic Vocal Microphone (rpreferably Shure Beta-58) on boom stand

        b Two (2) monitor wedges with separate mix for keyboardist or rKeyboard Combo Amp  (100w minimum)

LEAD GUITAR :  (located stage right)   = 2-3 channels

b  Stereo Tube Power Amp -  rpref. either VHT 2:90:2 or 2:50:2, Mesa Boogie Rectifier Stereo 2, 2-90 or 2-50, 
                             or Marshall EL34 100/100 or EL34 50/50

b Guitar Speaker Cabinet(s) - rpreferably two 4x12 Marshall-type cabinets with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

 b Dynamic Vocal Microphone (rpreferably Shure Beta-58) on boom stand,  and guitar stand

BASS:  (mic stand located front stage left, amp on left side of drum riser)   = 2 channels

b Concert-style Bass Amp - rpreferably Ampeg SVT amp

b Concert-style Bass Speaker Cabinet(s) - rpreferably Ampeg SVT 8x10 speaker cabinet

b Dynamic Vocal Mic (rpreferably Shure Beta-58) on boom stand,  and bass guitar stand

LEAD VOCAL:   = 1 channel

        b Dynamic Vocal Microphone (rpreferably Shure Beta-58 mic ) on rstraight tripod stand   

        r Wireless Microphone System if possible


        b 4-5 wedges and 2 side-fills;  3-6 separate monitor mixes (incl. separate mix for keyboardist)

        b 12-18 channels for mains (including 4 vocal channels) - see Input List & Stage Plot



       b Bottled water x12, towels x10, soft drinks x6, red bull x6, veggie snack tray,
beer x6, vodka or tequila (pint) + orange juice


      b Five hotel rooms and five (or more) meals per day



      b One round-trip airplane ticket per band member  (*venue is more than 400 miles from Los Angeles, CA)
b Transportation between airport, hotel and venue

            rFor any questions regarding equipment or sound & lighting,  please contact:

                  Stu Simone (ESCAPE Musical Director)........................................ (818) 203-8536                                                                                                ............................ stu @ 

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