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(818) 703-8503 - STUdio                                                             stu-music@keytarmusic.com

(818) 203-8536 - cell phone                            P.O.Box 10743,   West Hills, CA 91309


bulletALL KEYBOARDS: rock, funk, blues, r&b, pop, metal, boogie, country, and jazz fusion experience.  Specialty: bass, flute, sax, guitar impersonations and hi-energy "Keytar" soloing on strap-on keyboard
bulletPROGRAMMING: over a decade of experience with synthesizers, samplers, sequencers,  drum machines and in-depth computer work on both MAC and PC platforms
bulletPRODUCTION: Mutt Lange-type song-oriented producer/arranger with firm grasp of today's various radio formats and current sounds

SONGWRITING / MUSIC: genres include ballads, r&b/funk dance musicheavy rock, and a wide variety of instrumental material


SONGWRITING / LYRICS: especially message-oriented and "clever" lyrical concepts

bulletGUITAR:  rock, blues, funk lead/rhythm, and slide guitar
bullet VOCALS: full-range harmonies, tenor lead vocals, back-up harmony vocal arranger
bullet HARMONICA: rock and blues harp
bullet READING: Sight-reading of musical scores as well as guitar chord charts; prints charts from sequences
bulletPRO GEAR:  Top-of-the-line musical equipment, including Roland XV-5080 synth/sampler, Kurzweil K-2500XS master keyboard/synth/sampler/sequencer and 24-bit digital studio with Pro Tools 6.



bulletKeyboard/guitar/vocal/blues harp touring sideman for wide variety of acts, including platinum glam rockers Poison, studio session keyboardist, programmer, engineer and producer;  MIDI equipment consultant;  accredited music editor for movie scores and soundtracks;  songwriting collaboratorco-founder and musical director of top Journey tribute band Escape, and founder and lead vocal/guitar/keyboards/harmonica frontman for hairband tribute HAir Guitar.  On-going Keytar  "solo band" features fusion/metal leads on strap-on keyboard, and combines rock power with funk/hip-hop grooves.  Nov.'95 KEYBOARD MAGAZINE wrote: "A truly gifted soloist".


bulletKeyboards and high vocal harmonies with Poison on 1999 and 2000 North American tours (headlining act, audience total of 500,000), and Keyboards/vocals/guitars with Torie Tyson, Rings Of Saturn, and L.A.Rocks headlining L.A. rock venues and opening for Cheap Trick, America, Starship, The Tubes, UFO, etc.
bulletHas played and/or written songs with present or former players of Michael Jackson's band, REO Speedwagon, Black Sabbath, Gary Wright, Ohio Players, Megadeth, Blondie, LA Guns, Rising Force, Love/Hate. Bullet Boys, etc.  Co-founded melodic rock band Magic, and became headliner of top L.A. clubs within two years;  Atlantic Records financed recording at Record Plant with producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc.).
bulletFormed successful "Top40" band Big Time, performed 478 dates across Western U.S. in two years; served various times as frontman/lead singer, lead guitarist, keyboardist, soundman, manager and booking agent.
bulletMusic Biz experience includes: Successful freelance music writer/photographer with over a dozen magazines world-wide, including BAM, Music Connection, Mix and Guitar Player; worked as publicist with Jensen Communications, New Image, Patrick Salvo and Columbia Records; six years on-the-air experience as a disc jockey at radio stations KLA and KBU; keyboard/computer/pro audio salesman (Goodman Music); private keyboard instructor; and freelance synth programmer (including Alesis, 1993).


bulletStudied music at Grove School of Music and Valley College; taken private jazz piano lessons from USC jazz dept. head, plus private vocal lessons.
bulletGraduated from UCLA with B.A. degree in creative writing/poetry, and studied music theory and orchestration for two years as music major.
bulletSeven years of private classical piano lessons from concert pianists Mario Fenninger and Marla Koslov.


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