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 HAir Pics 1

HAIR GUITAR at the House Of Blues / Sunset Strip   

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HAIR GUITAR    HAir Guitar / House Of Blues   HAIR GUITAR / House Of Blues    HAir Guitar / Long Dave Coyle 

Stude Slybone Stude Slybone HAIR GUITAR Gus Ziagra - "His name is..." Gus Ziagra & Stude

HGlive_1202_B3.GIF (196591 bytes)  Hairy Skin-Pounder - drums and concussion  Stude Slybone  Long Dave - "What's his name?"  HGlive_1202_GB1.GIF (152567 bytes)

HAir Guitar / House Of Blues  HGlive_1202HOB_SG2.GIF (165530 bytes)  +HGlive_1202_S1.GIF (206312 bytes)  +HGlive_1202HOB_3.GIF (163705 bytes)  

Bryan "Big Bottom" Bogner  HGlive_1202_2.GIF (193663 bytes)  +HGlive_1202_GDS2.GIF (170831 bytes)  HGlive_1202_Skeys.GIF (201579 bytes)  HGlive_1202_GD1.GIF (138213 bytes)


 HAir Guitar live at The House Of Blues / Sunset Strip 

 on 12/23/02 

 Photos by Edie Potvin 




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