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Welcome to the homeworld of KEYTAR MUSIC.  Inside you will find the latest info on the band KEYTAR, multi-instrumentalist Stu Simone, and Trek Records, as well as the tribute bands HAir Guitar ('80s Hair Bands) and ESCAPE (Journey).   Stu Simone is also a member of original hard rock band Heaven & Earth as well as Infinity For the latest info and gig hotline for Stu Simone, go to Myspace.com/StuSimone

KEYTAR's motto is "the Future of Rock...   now", and by expanding the boundaries of what is rock, and  utilizing cutting edge musical technology --  keyboards playing guitar parts, drums playing bass, guitars playing keyboard sounds, etc.  -- KEYTAR is aiming to give rock music fans something fresh, new and exciting.   Click on Hear Keytar to hear musical samples of Keytar, and to see images of Stu SImone playing the "keytar" click on See Keytar

Trek Records, whose first release was KEYTAR's "No Strings Attached" album (Sept.1, 2000), is a new independent label whose mission is to provide you the listener with fresh new sounds, or "rock with a spin."  We're looking for listeners and artists who are tired of the "same ole same old."  Rock is not dead!

Keytar and Trek Records founder Stu Simone is a multi-talented musician (keyboards, vocals and guitar) well-known to the Southern California rock music scene, and as touring keyboardist for platinum rockers Poison has been gaining international exposure.  Check out some great photos of Stu Simone playing live  on the 1999 and 2000 Poison headlining tours on the Poison Tourz page.  Stu's keyboards, guitar simulations and harmony vocals can be heard live on the 2000 Poison album, "Power To The People."  Since playing with the #1 Hair Band of all time (according to VH-1), Stu Simone has formed a tribute to hair bands, appropriately entitled HAir Guitar.   He also keeps busy in Hollywood's movie music biz, and is the musical director of the West Coast's top tribute to the band Journey, ESCAPE.    Producer (check out latest project Kraised), poet, graphics artist and photographer (check out the Keytar cover art, and the classic "roots of hair" photos ), webmaster (this site), and  Music Editor are other hats that Stu Simone has been known to wear.  For recreation, Stu takes full advantage of the California lifestyle:   Besides surfing waves in Malibu, Stu loves surfing the internet:  check out the links to some cool websites at the bottom of the Press & Linkz page.

Keep in mind that this is literally "the ground floor"  . . . so get on in!   And don't forget to sign in on the Guest List!


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