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Da Articlez

bulletCdSmash.com, September, 2002 Interview with Stu simone  (www.cdsmash.com/interview_with_stu_simone_.htm)
bulletPlaygirl Magazine, December 2000, pp 52-53 (Stu Simone on tour with Poison)
bulletRock City News, Vol.18, Sept.21, page 22 (Keytar CD release)
bulletTPRS.COM/Spotlight, September, 2000 (article on Keytar).
bulletMusic Connection, Vol XXIV No. 19, Sept. 11, 2000, page 53 (Keytar CD Review)
bulletRock City News, Vol.17 No.24, Nov.25,1999, page 2 (Trek Records)
bulletMusic Connection, Vol XXIV No. 04, 2/14/00, page 13 (Trek Records, Keytar)
bulletCDSmash.com   Great overall music site
bulletMetal Edge Magazine, February 2000, Metal Wire (Trek Records)
bulletRockCity  News, Vol.18, May 18, 2000, page 18 (Stu Simone touring with Poison)
bulletRock City News, Vol.18, July 27, 2000, page 4 (Stu Simone on Poison "Power To The People" CD)
bulletKeyboard Magazine, November 1995, page142  (Stu Simone - "Discoveries")

        If you've seen any mention of Keytar that's not listed above, please let us know!    -> press@keytarmusic.com

Da Linkz                           

Here are some websites recommended by "Surfer Stu":

bulletwww.tributecity.com  Best tribute band site around
bulletwww.tributecity.com/band.php?rsn=796  HAir Guitar page on Tribute City.com
bulletwww.tributecity.com/band.php?rsn=308  Escape page on Tribute City.com
bulletwww.kraised.com  info on Phoenix rock band produced by Stu SImone
bulletwww.firealley.com  info on Phoenix band to be prodcued by Stu Simone
bulletCommunity.Webtv.net/GJeffries   KEYTAR "Purple Haze" vocalist Gary Jeffries info
bulletwww.RockCityNews.com   best coverage of Southern California rock scene
bulletwww.mtledge.com   best coverage of International Rock scene
bulletwww.musicconnection.com   most useful info on music business for musicians
bulletwww.amazon.com/exec/obidos/subst/partners/direct/   sell your CD on Amazon.com here
bulletwww.discmakers.com/music/resources.html   info for releasing independent albums
bulletwww.musicplayer.com   has everything for the musician, especially gearheads
bulletwww.KNAC.com    best rock internet radio station;  news columns as well
bulletwww.ubl.com    Ultimate Band List
bulletwww.iuma.com   Independent Music Site
bulletwww.musicgalaxy.com   Stu's favorite site for downloading music and more
bulletwww.mp3.com    "Metallica's favorite" (not!) music site 4 downloads
bulletwww.digibid.com   musical gear auction site
bullethttp://sarc.com   BOOKMARK THIS!   Virus warnings...  and FIXES!
bulletcomputingcentral.msn.com/downloads/default.asp   great source for free (and virus-free) program downloads
bulletwww.real.com   download Realjukebox to record and play web audio, Realplayer G2 to stream audio
bulletwww.microsoft.com/windows/mediaplayer   DSL users download mediaplayer for streaming audio (and video too!)
bulletwww.2wire.com    gives you personalized printout of all your DSL options based on your address
bulletwww.DOGPILE.COM  Great meta-search engine
bulletwww.google.com/  Most intuitive search engine
bullet37.com  37 search engines on one site
bulletwww.whowhere.com   find anyone's e-mail address
bulletwww.overstock.com  the ultimate bargain site
bulletwww.clarkhoward.com  great tips on saving money
bulletwww.missingmoney.com   claim money you don't even know you have
bullettransacct..eecs.berkeley.edu   new traffic-prediction website for California commuters
bullethttp://www.lainsider.com/autos/traffic/vctraffic.html  So.Cal. freeway speed maps
bulletwww.weather.com/outdoors/ski.htm   Ski conditions - cowabunga bro!
bulletwww.surfcheck.com   free Surf conditions - totally gnarly, dude!

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