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Trek Records is a brand new label focusing in music on the cutting edge.  The goal behind Trek Records is to expose great music that is not done in the "traditional" manner, including Stu Simone's "Keytar", Guitar Synths, the Chapman Stick and the new world of electronic percussion.

The first release is "No Strings Attached" by KEYTAR, a CD which aims to prove that keyboards can truly rock.  Although all the instruments on this CD were played on the keyboard, the music is in the tradition of guitar instrumentalists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson with what sounds like slamming live drums and screaming electric guitar.  

To order KEYTAR's debut CD, click on Releases  

To listen to samples of the album, click on Hear Keytar

To see album cover art, click on See Keytar  

To read about Keytar found Stu Simone, click on The Keytarist.


This will be the page to come to for  information on purchasing Trek Records releases and/or merchandise. 



Snail Mail
Trek Records
P.O.Box 10743
Canoga Park, CA 91309

Electronic mail
keytar @ keytarmusic . com


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