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In May of 1999, Stu Simone was invited to play keyboards and vocals on-stage for the long-awaited reunion of the four original members of
POISON, a tour which became the surprise hit of the summer.   In addition to his strong high vocal harmonies and "regular" keyboard work, Stu filled out the vocal harmonies with a blend of his own voice and some custom-programmed vocal patches which he played on the synthesizer;  Stu also made good use of his Keytar-playing experience, as he played CC DeVille's studio rhythm guitar parts on the keyboard.  Two shows from the tour were recorded, and ended up as the bulk of the first new Poison CD in years, "Power To The People."   Check out Stu's solo intro on "Something To Believe In", and listen carefully to all the live rock tracks to hear Stu Simone's Keytar playing (the "mystery rhythm guitar" during CC's solos.)

  Check out these pictures of Stu Simone live on stage with all-time #1 hair band Poison during their 1999 and 2000 North American tours.   ( More pictures are on the SEE Keytar, and ESCAPE tribute pages. )

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NewJersey_by N.UmbenhouerChicago_by Lisa PulieriDallas_by R.GarciaPhoenix_by Robert Tuozzo
Houston_by Lisa PulieriLosAngeles_by DD GirardSanAntonio_by Lisa PulieriSanAntonio_by Lisa Pulieri
Hartford_by N.UmbenhouerPittsburgh_by N.UmbenhouerSanAntonio_by Lisa Pulieri
Detroit_by Rob StevensonRockfest2000, Cadott,WICleveland_by N.Umbenhouer

Photographer Contacts:

Nadine Umbenhouer, Hershey, PA -   nadine.umbenhouer @ penske.com


Lisa Pulieri, Houston, TX - lilmslisa @ aol.com


Robert Tuozzo of 22nd Century Rock Magazine - www.RobertTuozzo.com,
     RobertTuozzo @ aol.com


Rob Stevenson - Poison tour manager


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