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1.  Click here to play and edited version of Keytar's "Purple Haze" on your computer's media player.

You may also right-click on the above link and choose "Save Target As" to download the file.  This file is for your own personal use only as promotion for the full-length album "No Strings Attached" - remember, this is copywritten material, 2000 by Stu Simone.


2.  If that doesn't work, try clicking on this box.
Sorry, but your browser doesn't have a media player installedEOnce the page has fully loadedl , click the PLAY button ( > ) on your browser's media playerw to play an edited RealAudio MP3 of Van Halen and Hendrix done on keyboard!   The full-length version is on KEYTAR "No Strings Attached" (see Special Offer page).
l Unless you have DSL, it may take awhile to load your mediaplayer.
w Microsoft Explorer works best..

L If you don't see a player in the box, go back up and click on the pic to download the MP3 file to your computer.

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